The Dub provides partners with top-notch products, dependable services, clear communication, and in-depth industry knowledge and experience.


Cannabis isn’t just an industry. It’s an experience. Whether you grow, sell, process, or consume, you know there’s something life-altering about it. Without our growers and processors, there would be no industry.

Our retail partners have the impressive responsibility of providing customers with upfront education, quality product, and a friendly environment that de-stigmatizes cannabis.

It’s up to us to find the ultimate product, provide the highest level of service, and consistently communicate clearly with everyone involved with the Dub.


What makes us The Dub? Why are we different? We asked our team, and they chose these words: integrity, passion, education, quality, consistency, community, and openness. We’ve made it our truth, our code, and our driving force.

We’re working to get rid of the stigma placed upon this industry. To succeed as a community we have to work openly and honestly, together. We’re working to help move the cannabis industry forward by selecting quality product from quality people.