We only put product on our menu that we would purchase and consume personally. Our menu, curated by a former intake manager, provides retailers and consumers with quality products. We team up with ethical growers and producers so we can be sure the brands we work with are more than a title or images on social media.

The products we find promise a consistent experience for both seller and consumer. Onsite visits guarantee that we understand not just the grower, but their growing practices as well. We review potency, pesticide, and terpene results for every strain and product. We even examine the lab that conducts the testing to ensure accurate and ethical test results.

We have an in-depth intake process that looks at everything – from jar appeal to bud structure, to nose, taste, and effect. We have a network of testers that includes long-standing medical patients, novice consumers, and everyday recreational users. We have sifted through hundreds of producers to bring you a hand crafted menu that represents the best of the Oregon craft cannabis market.



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